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Wolfram Alpha iOS App

Mobile App Design

Redesigned the WolframAlpha iOS app

Project Summary

Redesigned the WolframAlpha iOS app from a one-time purchase model into a monthly subscription model, so user can use the same login information to use our cross-platform Wolfram Alpha products.

Design Challenge

To create a brand new workflow for the new users is just one part of this project. The other important part of this project is how to grandfather the existing users who have already purchased the app from the old model and how to smoothly transfer the old users from the one-time purchase model to the monthly subscription model upon their agreement.

Below shows a comparison of the current one-time purchase users to the future monthly subscription users. I have to work with the team to make sure in several phases we could smoothly transition users without letting them down.

Existing Users

- Cannot use the App without paying
- One-time purchase
- Once purchased, user expect to use the app for the rest of time

New Users

- Can download the App for free
- Can use basic features for free
- Once user tries to use the paid feature, user will be asked to login or sign up to purchase the feature

Phase 1 - Co-exist
In this phase, both old users and new users can use the app, either the already purchased one time purchase app, or the new free app with a monthly subscription model

Existing Users

- Keep using the app with most of features without any change
- The only thing we ask from them is when they are trying to use the paid feature, they need to create an ID to login and use it
- While using the paid feature without a subscription, every three times they use the feature we ask them to see the ads about purchase the subscription, which will bring them a lot more other features

New Users

- Can download the App for free
- Can use basic features for free
- Can also use the paid feature for free, but with the condition of being shown the ads of the subscripiton every three time of using the paid feature

Phase 2 - Introducing the deadline
Give users a very early notification that the paid features in the app will be switching to a monthly subscription model in six month. Reiterate that they will still have the free access to the app excluding the paid features.

Phase 3 - Switch to monthly subscription model where all users merge into one pool and the workflow becomes consistent for everyone.

Sample Workflow

Phase 1 model wireframe

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Sample Wireframe

Phase 1 model wireframe

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Project Process

I created this project process to the ease of communication among different teams. It also provides an overview of how project development works in our company.

The following process represents the Wolfram Alpha iOS App redesign project from the very beginning from vision identification to design planning and researching to wireframing and review to implementation. During this whole project, I was the representer of "UX" as shown in the process.

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