Qi Chen

Wolfram Community

Website Design

Wolfram Community Web Design

Oct, 2014 - Feb, 2016

Project Summary

To design a community platform for customers and users of Wolfram products. Goals include:

• To provide current users with a robust repository of information, resources, and discussions about our products.

• To provide prospective customers with a sense of added value in knowing support for their new product experience is easily and readily accessible from anywhere at any time.

• To provide leverage against the competition who already offer a user community and forum.

• To lighten the load on the technical support staff.

• To become a robust repository of information for vertical markets

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Usability Test

The usability test was done at the Wolfram Technology conference in October, 2014.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

Wolfram Community Usability Test Oct, 2014 Summary

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Affinity Diagramming

From the finding of the usability test, we started working on adding more gamification features into the website, started adding "great contributors" and much more new features in the future. I was also working on improving the features integration inbetween the community website data and Wolfram Cloud, as well as the email notification feature.

Project Process

The below diagraph shows how every team member works together in the community website project. I was the representor of "UX" for the whole process in this project. My role mainly focused on design planning and research, wireframing, leading, and facilitating discussion with stakeholders in the weekly group meeting, as well as mini-reviews with developers and other stakeholders about all the design features.

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