Qi Chen

Wolfram Cloud App

Mobile App Design

Wolfram Cloud iOS App Design

Jan, 2014 - Jan, 2016

Project Summary

Design the iOS App for Wolfram Cloud, which includes the products: Wolfram Programming Cloud, Mathematica Online, and Wolfram Programming Lab, so that users could access the products on the mobile platform as well as on the web.

Project Process

This project process is created for the ease of communication among different teams and provides an overview of how project development works in our company.

The below process shows the Wolfram Cloud iOS App design project, from the very beginning - vision identification, to design planning and researching, to wireframing and review, to implementation. I was the representer of "UX" for this mobile app design in the whole process as shown in the process.

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Paper Prototype and Usability Test

This was at the time that I was faced with a tough design challenge for the cell bracket interaction feature. Basically, the idea was to design the same coding experience for the user so that they can use the same feature across multiple platforms, from the on-computer application to the website to the mobile app on iPad and iPhone. I performed five 30-minutes long usability tasks to test the usability for this feature with paper prototypes. This served as a great way to test the complex interaction and get useful feedback. Based on the user feedback, I altered some of the features to match the user-preferred ways.

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Sample Wireframe

“I was then faced with another big design challenge at the beginning of the design process for the cell bracket interaction. At that moment, the whole group didn't know how to move the project forward, so I decided to use the design power to lead. I created a very detailed low-fidelity wireframe to lead everyone in the meeting step-by-step. I helped everyone walkthrough what is feasible and what is not feasible, and continued to lead the discussion in the many following meetings about the wireframe until all the stakeholders were happy.

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